Low cost PV storage options from BayWa r.e.

NEW to the BayWa r.e. portfolio are Pylontech and Sofarsolar products, which together make one of the cheapest and most efficient storage system options for solar installers. These solutions are ideal for retrofitting to existing PV systems (or without in conjunction with Economy 7 or variant) and provides an ideal reason to contact your existing customer base.

Should you not have heard of them, Pylontech Technologies Co Ltd was founded in October 2009 and was the pioneer of LFP (lithium-iron phosphate) batteries which are deployed in ESS and EV systems. With self-developed core technologies in the cathode material, battery cell and BMS (battery management system), Pylontech is among the very few companies who had vertically integrated the whole lithium battery industrial supply chain.

SOFARSOLAR is one of the subsidiaries of SOFAR Group, which is no. 1 in the worldwide GPS industry. Having entered the PV market in 2012, SOFARSOLAR specialise in R&D, production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters. With around 400 employees, the company is equipped with a very strong R&D team and have successfully improved lots of software and hardware technology, including detection accuracy of insulation resistance, grid resonance for multiple connected units, remote monitoring and anti-corrosion protection.

Together, Pylontech batteries and Sofarsolar inverters create a simple, compact and quiet system that provides excellent value for money.

The Sofar / Pylontech system can output up to 3kW of Power and is a 2.4kWh modular battery system which can be extended at any time (to a total of 4 batteries or 9.6kWh), and is ideal for small/limited space installations. There are no moving parts in the system, which not only make it quiet for the homeowner, but the lack of wear and tear results in a longer life for the battery itself.

Pylontech batteries offer more than 6000 cycles with 80% depth of discharge (DoD) and can take a single circuit, supplying power for the duration of the energy remaining in the batteries – perfect for emergency lighting or keeping the freezer going. A huge plus to this system is that if the critical load supply exceeds the maximum output (up to 3kW) it will automatically reset and attempt to resupply power.

Unlike some of the big brand names including Tesla Powerwall, these systems are light enough for one man to install a full system in one day as the batteries are modular. The simple buckle fixing, even for vertical installations, minimizes time and cost……and with UK technical support available, installing these systems could not be simpler.

Compatible with our Sofarsolar range of inverters that offer 10 year warranty as standard on most models, this system rivals other storage options for quality and value and as it is AC coupled it will work with any solar PV array manufacturer.

To make installation even easier, we have bundled together all the Pylontech parts you need and listed all other parts on our webpage here: http://www.baywa-re-solarsystems.co.uk/KIT-Pylon-Tech-Battery-US2000B-4-8kW-BUNDLE

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